Commercial Pest Control

Property Management
Your customers rely on you to provide a clean, pest-free environment. Our commercial pest control strategies address each structure as unique, with its own vulnerable areas and potential problems. We look for the best way to eradicate your problems efficiently and with as little disturbance as possible to your customers.

Commerc ial pest controlLight and Heavy Industrial Facilities
Regardless of what type of Industrial Facility you have, Target Pest Management Company understands your company has unique requirements. Our certified and experienced Commercial Technicians are expertly trained to analyze your company's grounds, physical and storage layout and maintenance practices in order to develop an organized plan to eliminate your pest problems.
We understand what is required in addition to pesticides to professionally manage insects in your industrial facility.

Hotel and Hospitality Industry
Commercial kitchen pest control Hotels, motels, inns, and restaurants cater to customers and guests from all corners of the globe. It's hard to control what enters your facility in people's suitcases, clothing, and and from your various suppliers. Combine this with the wide range of attractive places for pests to hide-guest rooms, warm utility spaces, kitchens, laundry rooms-and it's hardly a surprise that pest problems are common in the hospitality industry. At Target Pest Management Company, we provide pest elimination services to several hotels, motels, guest houses and restaurants in Jamaica. The hospitality industry has unique needs when it comes to pest management.

Small Business and Retail Establishments

As a small business owner or the proprietor of a retail store, you have unique needs when it comes to pest management: the health and safety of your employees, guests, and customers; your public image and the need to keep pest management controls discreet; and the need to follow all standards and requirements imposed by regulating authorities.

We understand these challenges, and we develop customized programs for our small business and retail clients that consider their particular needs. Our Pest Elimination services and strategies are designed to eliminate your pest problems, whether your facility is 200 or 20,000 square feet.
Talk with us today about developing a maintenance program for your facility that provides year-round, behind-the-scenes pest management services. We'll keep you and your customers safe and happy in a clean, pest-free environment!

Storage, Warehouse and Packaging Facilities

Pest Management in Storage, Warehouse and Packaging Facilities requires a high degree of professional knowledge combined with experience in order to achieve the most beneficial result. Target Pest Management Company's highly trained and experienced staff understands what is required in addition to pesticides to professionally manage pest elimination and prevention in your facility.

Storage and Warehousing Facilities are often faced with challenging building and landscaping design which requires an experienced company focused on pest prevention. Because we understand these challenges we develop customized programs that consider your specific needs. Our Pest Elimination services and Integrated Pest Management strategies are designed to eliminate and then prevent future pest problems whether your facility is 200 or 2,000,000 square feet.

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